scientific program

School motivation - Where experiment and theory meet in catalysis?

The program of the EFCATS School will consist of Invited Tutorial and Plenary lecture delivered by top experts in the field of catalysis, short oral communications by students, poster sessions, and several presentations of representatives of some companies producing instruments for catalytic testing or characterization of catalysts.

Invited speakers
G. Centi (Messina)
P. Diddams (Prague)
K. de Jong (Utrecht)
J. Perez-Ramirez (Zurich)
P. Nachtigall (Prague)
R.E. Morris (St. Andrews)
G. Pacchioni (Milano)
M. Opanasenko (Prague)
B. Sels (Leuven)
E. Hensen (Eindhoven)
V. Parvulescu (Bucharest)
A. Martinez (Valencia)
F. Schüth (Mülheim)
M. Daturi (Caen)
E. A. Pidko (Delft)

General Introduction to Catalysis
Industrial Catalysis
Synthesis and Properties
Two-dimensional materials
Molecular sieves
Fine chemical synthesis
Round Table discussions