D. Resasco (University of Oklahoma)
Bio-oil upgrading by condensation reactions

G. Huber (University of Wisconsin)
Thermocatalytic Routes for Biomass Conversion into Fuels

W.J. Roth (J. Heyrovsky Institute, Jagellonian University)
Zeolite catalysis - transforming laboratory leads into industrial reality

T. Bridgwater (University of Aston)
Biomass pyrolysis

B. Weckhuysen (University of Utrecht)
In-situ spectroscopic tools for monitoring catalytic biomass transformations

P. Nachtigall (Charles University)
Understanding the catalytic activity of microporous catalysts - computational approach

Mitchell Sharon Jane (ETH Zurich)
Potential applications of hierarchical zeolites for the biomass conversion
into advanced biofuels

Serrano Juan Carlos (Abengoa Research)
Biomass hydrothermal processing

Lappas Angelos (CERTH)
Characterization and properties of bio-oils produced from lignocellulose by pyrolysis
and catalytic pyrolysis

R. Rinaldi (MPIK Mulheim)
Development of HDO catalysts for bio-oil upgrading

C. Perego (eni)
Advances in biofuels

David Kubička (VÚAnCh Litvínov)
Catalytic deoxygenation of triglycerides

Andrej Horvat (Silkem)
Zeolite transforming from suspension to aglomerates